About Us

Five Stars Builders Islington is a professional provider of high-quality building services in Islington. The company’s vision is to provide the highest standard of workmanship. As well as excellent value for money.

The Five Stars Builders Islington team
The expert Five Stars Builders Islington  team possess many years of combined experience in the construction and refurbishment field. You will always get work from a specialist or team of specialists who ensure every aspect of your project is delivered in perfect alignment with your requirements.

Because every member of that team is a highly trained building professional. Able to perform a dynamic range of construction and renovation jobs. Make all of your home improvement ideas a reality. And create the environment which suits your needs and lifestyle.

Equipment and materials
To achieve the best possible outcome each and every time, Five Stars Builders Islington never compromises on quality of equipment or materials. We utilise the most advanced and effective building techniques and tools. And use top-of-the-range materials to ensure a smooth and timely completion of your project.

Services, results and health and safety
With this carefully selected team and industry-leading equipment, your home will always get the high-end finish it deserves. Bathroom renovations, kitchen refurbishments and home extensions are just some of the services we can perform for you. Always to the highest possible standards.

For your peace of mind and the protection of our team, all work is always carried out within health and safety guidelines.

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