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Want to convert your garage into a functional area where you can relax, play, work or entertain? Get a well-thought-out garage conversion service in Islington from Five Stars Builders Islington. It can add as much as 10% to the value of your home. As well as make it more functional and comfortable. Transform your garage into a bedroom. A children’s room. A home gym. Office space. A kitchen. A home cinema. Or any other space to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.

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How to create your perfect garage conversion in Islington

Rely on expert builders who can perform any jobs required to complete your garage conversion. Remove garage doors. Build walls to match your brick or stonework. Construct partition or stud walls. Install doors and windows to match your existing ones. Undertake electrical, plumbing and joinery work. Insulate floors, ceilings and walls. And all other tasks necessary to create your ideal new space.

Let us help you make the most out of your garage space. Make sure all of your requirements and concerns are taken into account. Share your project ideas with a professional. And, after careful discussion with a Five Stars Builders Islington master planner, create your perfect garage conversion. Only then will your build team get to work.

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The benefits you will enjoy when using our garage conversion services:

Booking Five Stars Builders Islington means you are taking advantage of building services which are:

Designed to add more value

To your property. As well as to make it more functional or comfortable.

Performed by the experts

Skilled and knowledgeable, you will be able to get any advice you might need from your professional team.

Carried out to the highest possible standards

Backed by guarantee and insurance cover.

Suitable for residential and commercial clients

Including homeowners, landlords, estate agents, business owners and many others.

Individually tailored

To your office or home style preferences and personal taste.

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Please call 020 3026 9485, complete our online booking form or use our website’s live chat to get in touch.

You can make an appointment with our construction specialists every day, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm. You will be visited at the scheduled date and time for an onsite survey. And, after your garage conversion needs have been discussed, you will be provided with a proper quote for the job you have in mind.

Client Testimonials

Sonya Rodgers

The building professionals from Five Stars Builders Islington did a great job in my old kitchen. My cooking area was renovated and painted just the way I wanted. Now I cook my meals with pleasure.

Alfredo and Linda Towns

Five Stars Builders Islington transformed our unusable loft in a great area for our children to play and study. Now this is their most favourite place.

Mitchel and Rene Valdes

We haven’t seen such a professional job performance. We could not believe that was our apartment. Thank you Five Stars Builders Islington! You are great!

Paul Willis

They did exactly what I wanted to improve my home. Even more – Five Stars Builders Islington exceeded my expectations! I will certainly use their services for future building projects.

Derrick Lane

Five Stars Builders Islington turned my living area into a comfortable and stylish place. I recommend them to anyone who is planning to remodel their house.

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